Spring Cleaning Time Is in The Air

Spring brings lots of joy to many people, maybe it is all of the fresh warm weather that has been locked up since the long winter months of bitter temperatures and snow and the long nights of darkness. We get more daylight starting in spring..maybe that is why more people choose to do more outside along with the nice weather. Nice weather also brings the thought that summer is on the horizon. Its time to make room for the summer things…

It all starts with spring cleaning! you clean out the attic, put your winter clothes away, maybe even do some yard work or work on those gutters you been wanting to do. Perhaps you finally get to check out the roof and find out what damage has been caused from the long winter. Whatever it is, people start to open their windows and get a nice deep breathe of fresh air.

Also with fresh air comes a nice clean and fresh house. Many people take advantage of this time to clean their house and rid their house of all the winter sludge and crap that has been building up for months but it was too darn cold out to do anything about it.

Most people start with spring cleaning and also invest in getting their carpets cleaned. We reached out a spoke to a few owners to see how their business was reacting to the spring surge. Billy Bob Jorken shows us what st. louis carpet cleaning services he uses with his customers.

“Well I just got some new trucks outfitted with a bigger and better cleaning system so we have that plus our non-toxic shampoo with our industrial scrubber” Billy Bob goes on to say, “I give it a 10! I give it a 10!” Billy bob sure does seem happy about his new trucks and scrubbers!

Some people prefer to try the traditional route of carpet cleaning by renting their own machines and giving it a try themselves. However we have found that this usually creates a bigger mess which they then call for st louis plumbing services to come and get the water out of their house after they seem to have flooded the whole house! they then call the carpet cleaners to get the job done right. You would think people would learn to just call in the professionals the first time around.

When it is all said and done though you can get a Harrisburg Limo Rental to get all dressed up after a hard day of cleaning and feel like a real king or queen. After all, you just spent a major chunk of time and effort cleaning your castle. Everybody deserves to be treated like a king every once in a while!

New Roofing Fad: Carpet

Typically when you see carpet its on the floor not on the roof. However, we at Marvin’s have experimented with a new design fad that is going around the roofing industry. That fad is applying carpets to roofs and making a very unique and standing out type of design. The building sure does stand out like a sore thumb! The easiest way we can sum this up is to think about that Van that is used in the movie Dumb and Dumber.

As you can see from the video having a unique looking item definitely makes it stand out, much like the dumb and dumber van in the above video. No matter what you do everybody will be turning heads and seeing it. That is what the carpet roof is all about. We recently did a project where instead of using your typical roofing material, we used carpet! The carpet material we used came from a bunch of Chantilly Carpet Cleaning companies who were kind enough to offer some of their scrap materials for this ongoing project. We were able to get big sections from larger carpet companies and the scraps from carpet cleaners who typically have scraps laying around for testing purposes of their cleaning equipment.

We applied a stronger and thicker backing to the backside of the carpeting to boost its durability. This will make the material act like a roofing material on the backside but on the surface it is normal carpeting. We next applied a liquid adhesive like we apply to other roofing materials and we attached the carpet pieces to the roof. We made sure to add an extra piece of security my nailing down pieces of the carpeting with nails. Since it is carpeting, we could nail pieces of it directly to the roofing structure and nobody from afar would be able to notice it.

Now for those that are curious what happens when it rains or snows or bad weather comes, we got you covered. We applied a special solution to the carpet that automatically dries naturally and faster than any other product. Even in colder temperatures the material would dry. When it snows and it lays on the carpet, it has the same amount of dangers as with any other roofing type. When the snow melts, that active drying solutions takes over and starts to dry out the material.

Our goal here was to design and implement a unique design and still be able to seal off and protect the roof just like any other roof. So far our project is working wonders and we may do another project like this. This project did take a lot more time as the procedures for doing it is far from the standard. There are also added steps that we had to do to ensure the durability of the roof and structure stays in tact. For more information keep following us at Newked Marketing and see what else we come up with.


Family Roofers Bring Unprecedented Experience

Lombard roofer


When you are in the market for a new roof, you want a company with years of experience and quality satisfaction you can count on. At Minnesota Roof Contractors, that is exactly what you will get. For a quality Roofer Eden Prairie look no further. They are a family-owned roofing and home improvement company who have been proving their expertise to residents in Eden Prairie for over 10 years! They are proud to keep their business running similar to how their father started it. They are like the old-fashioned companies of the past- the ones you could always count on.

Minnesota Roof Contractors employs teams of dedicated service crews to ensure the highest level of satisfaction, every time. By using only the finest quality parts and suppliers, with the latest technology, you can rest assured knowing that your most valuable asset (your roof) is going to be well taken care of for decades to come.

Not only do they provide residential services, but commercial, as well. No roofing service is too big or too small for them. Whether you need a roof repair, a roof replacement, or storm damage, Minnesota roof contractors a top Eden Prairie Roof Company has got you covered.

With pricing to fit every budget, the latest innovations can mean a more efficient household and bottom-line cost savings! Minnesota Roof Contractors¬†continues to be Eden Prairie’s leader in the roofing business.